Monday, May 7, 2012


Well since the other day, I've been up to a whole lot of things! It's pretty crazy how fast time is flying by when you aren't paying attention to it. Finally starting to get a little bit of homesickness and it's only getting worse.. But then something happens and I can't even explain what it is or how it works, but missing home is part of the motivation I get to keep going. It's weird (not trying to sound coincided) going from being everyone's friend and the go-to guy, to being the new guy who has a tough time even being heard when he talks. But I know this is a good thing because I'm seeing my own world from a different perspective. Which is something everyone should experience, but very few ever do. Anyways, have had a lot of work to do lately too, bringing dirt up and around and down and out, pulling up tree stumps, getting the salt water pool up and running. But the most rewarding feeling I have felt yet on this trip has got to be the beach.. Worked long and hard all day and finally got a chance to go run and jump in the big blue ocean. Water is clear enough to see the bottom, and the sand is soft and warm. Couldn't have found a better way to relax. Last night we went and saw the Avengers with Uncle J, Courtney, and little Jonathan. By far the best action movie I have seen in a long, long time. And what was cool is that I finally understand the story behind it all, and it's not just some superhero I looked up to as a kid. Understanding is an action that my too many people appreciate, and I'll tell you what, I can't get enough of it. But I gotta get back to work! I'll be sure to be back either later today or tomorrow.

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