Sunday, May 13, 2012

What's been up!

Well it definitely has been too long since I got on here. But I've just been up to the same new same new stuff haha still getting up every morning and doing that "get big" routine! It's incredible what a little work will do to a little guy like me!! Anyways, we got the deck that I had been working on finished!! So while Jon and Auntie Aly were out shopping for patio furniture, I it to babysit little bailey, who happens to be my new best friend! She is the perfect puppy, beagle mixed with lab we think. But she's a floppy dog and loves to play with her ears haha we also saw some parachuters while we were outside BBQ'n which was pretty cool too see, don't see that where I'm from. Been doing a lot of stump work which is getting me that real nice tab that I've been praying for since the day I figured out that white people can tan haha but being out in the back of the yard where the ivy grows with shorts on was probably not the best idea, and my legs definitely suffered for it, I'm still sitting here itching the hell out of them!
Yesterday, Uncle J and I went up to Washington D.C. which was absolutely awesome! Got to sit in on some really cool conversations between some important people and had my first Chik-Flit-A lunch, which was surprisingly good. Especially because the owner of the company picked up 5 of everything!! Spending that time with Uncle J was awesome though, still can't believe how much our stories relate, and what really blows my mind is how lucky I am to be in the situation he has put me in. Everyone I have talked to and that he has introduced me to has always said "I would do anything to know what I know now, back then.", "If I could be any age again, it would be 18", or "I wish someone would have told me _____ when I was younger so I could have better prepared myself for _____". Well I am 18, I have a countless number of people giving me advice, and I have nothing but time to learn what I need to, really couldn't have asked for anything more. And I still can't even begin to fathom what I owe to this man I call my uncle, even if he doesn't think so. Things like this can't go unacknowledged. So if you're reading this Uncle J, just be ready!
One picture that I wanted to note on was the Beatles poster, signed by all 4 of them. I guess we went to this restaurant called Abbey Road, really good soda there haha but they had so much memorabilia there it blew my mind, but it also took me back home thinking about a certain someone. And man oh man.. The memories that came flying in we're almost overwhelming, just glad to still be able to say that they are still in my life.
Something important that I learned from an old man out here was to be appreciative of every second of life you have. This guy was 74 years old And I asked him how his day was going, his reply was "great! I woke up and looked in the paper, flipped to the obituary and didn't see my face, so I have no complaints." kind of a funny way too look at it, but it just shows that some people are just worried about the wrong things in life, simply because there is nothing to truly be worrying about. It's just a waste of time, and time is the only thing that will ever truly run out.
But hey, gotta get back to studying! Be sure to update soon.

Stay humble!

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