Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 6 / Task 3 - Build Jon's Deck

Well this morning was rough at about 2:30am, but after I emptied myself and filled up with a bottle of water, I got back to bed with just enough time to take a nap before I got back up at 5:30am to get started on the 4 mile morning run. As you can see from the gorgeous picture from the marina bridge, this run was well worth it. First real sunrise I've ever seen, and it came out of the ocean! Too cool. After I got back Uncle J, Jon, and myself all went to Citrus for breakfast. Which happens to be where Courtney works, too bad she was in school. But just another reminder of how beautiful this place and the people are here haha. Afterwards Uncle J and I went to the recruiting office for the Air Force and got some much needed information. We tried to stop by about 3 Navy offices, but they were all closed. Uncle J has opened my eyes to the factor of fate in life, and today was a very good sign of that. Came over to Jon's after that to help him build a deck, he's got a pretty nice place here.

So we headed back home to get ready for dinner at 7. But me and Uncle J had a really good conversation beforehand helping me explain to myself what it is that is making me nervous about this entire situation, and he explained it perfectly, it's nothing more than riding a bike.

Anyways, dinner rolls around and we went to Catch 31. I got to meet Mandy who was awesome, taught me a lot about the educational system and process within the military. The best part about dinner was watching the two creeps move in on the two babes sitting at the end of the bar. When the tab came around, the macho man forgot that he told the girls and the bartender that he would pick up the tab which created a huge confrontation between him and everyone else. But he was still so drunk that he talked himself into paying it anyways.. He was a fool beyond belief, but entertaining nonetheless. Just got home and found out that I have to wake up even earlier than usual to make it in time for breakfast at Citrus again tomorrow morning with all the guys, so goodnight everyone!! Stay humble.

Bible Verse of the Day - Isaiah 57 : 3
Maintain justice and do what is right, for my salvation is close at hand and my righteousness will soon be revealed.

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